• About Us

    LUV SACKS for CANCER is a non-profit that was organized in October 2010. LSfC do year around toiletry and fund raising drives. The donations and proceeds are used to support hospitals, free clinics, and cancer center patients with toiletries needs. LSfC assist cancer patients by providing toiletries essentials as a result of hidden financial costs in cancer treatment for patient’s families: these out-of-pocket expenses are overwhelming to their financial stability. While our funds are limited we hope to reach as many families as possible in the Hampton Roads area to ease this burden. Thank You for your support! Items can be ordered for sacks. Please donate as much as you can of the following items of need.

Wish List Items

~ Toothpaste, toothbrushes (soft)

~ Mouthwash (non alcoholic)

~ Soap (Unscented, scents can make some
people very nauseated)

~ Lotion (unscented or lighted scented)

~ Tissues

~ Toilet tissue

~ Bathroom wipes

~ Shaving cream

~ Disposable razors

~ Hand sanitizer

~ Sanitary pads

~ Socks

~ Carnation Instant breakfast

~ Nail polish (the chemo sometimes discolors the fingernails, not a necessity though)

~ Lip balm

~ Gloves/ mittens

~ Warm scarf